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What they're saying about Ben Yomen

and "In Labor's Corner" . . .

"Ben Yomen's cartoons and drawings bear witness to workers' struggles during some of the most decisive years of the union movement."

John J. Sweeney, AFL-CIO President

"Ben's contributions to journalism for over six decades have to be unparalleled. I very strongly believe that Ben Yomen has made uprecedented contributions to journalism."

Gilbert Rodriguez, Editor, Ford Facts

Local 600 UAW, AFL-CIO


"In his long career, Ben Has masterfully depicted the cause of the working class in often biting cartoons that portrayed their issues, goals and dreams. Ben's cartooning paralleled the rise and growth of the industrial unions and their struggles to gain dignity at the work place and in society."


Aldo Vagnozzi, Former Editor,

Detroit Labor News, AFL-CIO